Gas and Liquid Measurement in Power Plants

Gas and Liquid Measurement in Power Plants

We are pleased that you have taken time to view our turbine flow metering products used in the Power Generation market. Your interest drives us to provide the best solutions to meet the challenges associated with the various flow applications found in power generation. Hoffer turbine flow meters offer the most accurate, most reliable performance for your power applications… Performance that is unsurpassed by any other type of flow technology.

Hoffer flow meters can address all of your flow measuring and monitoring needs whether it is for liquid fuel, natural gas, or demineralized water for NOx control for your large or small power frames. The Hoffer Premier Gas Series meters provide custody transfer grade performance in flow applications including fuel consumption, balance of plant calculations and general fiscal measurement. Many companies in the power industry have standardized on the Hoffer Turbine flow meter for their flow applications because of extensive third party approvals available on our flow products.

Features and Benefits:

  • High performance and high accuracy of +/-.25% of reading or better
  • Wider flow turndown ranges when compared to other types of flow meters
  • Significantly Lower Pressure Drop compared to conventional “turbo” flow meters
  • Flow meters have small footprint and do not require special installation considerations
  • Wide variety of approvals including ATEX, PED, CSA, CE, and FM
  • NIST traceable gas calibrations with CFR40, Part 75 compliance when necessary
  • Advanced flow meter designs for your large and small power frames
  • Flow measurement solutions that offer the best combination of performance, reliability and cost efficiency

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Hoffer Turbine Meters for Power Generation Market

Currently, one of the strongest industrial growth markets is power generation. De-regulation of power and gas utilities in the United States and the increased demand for new power sources in emerging overseas markets has fueled this global expansion.

At the core of this growth trend is the ever-increasing use of gas turbine driven generating systems to produce electric power. Hoffer Flow Controls has a long and successful history in a variety of measurement applications associated with these gas turbine systems. Our meters are used by every major manufacturer of gas turbines for applications that include fuel measurement (gas and liquid), wet NOx emission reduction spray systems, critical cooling water flow, fuel conditioning flows and condensate flows to name but a few.

Premier Series of custody transfer gas meters

Our Premier Series of custody transfer gas meters continue to set the standard for high performance measurement. Our gas turbine flow meters and flow computers have been selected by many domestic power utilities as the meter of choice for their natural gas flow applications.

Hoffer supplies complete flow systems to these customers that include meters, meter runs (upstream and downstream) piping and flow straightening sections compliant with AGA 3) and flow computers that are AGA 7 and 8 compliant. In addition to meeting these American Gas Association standards our systems are used to verify compliance with the continuous emission monitoring rule “Appendix D of CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) 40.

Our experience in international sales in power generation includes working with multi-national engineering and construction firms to supply flow meters for various applications for new gas turbine power plant projects in the United Kingdom, the Philippines, the Middle East region and Brazil. Included in these orders were Hoffer “Premier” natural gas turbine flow meters, similar to the one pictured above, in line sizes 6″, 8″, 10″” and 12″. These meters were supplied for critical fiscal and mass-energy balance accounting purposes to precise specifications and tolerances.

Hoffer meters were selected based on our unique ability to readily “tune” our meters to very precisely match flow rate and pressure drop requirements and to provide specific features and services required for each project at competitive prices. Special features and services provided by Hoffer for these projects included custom flow meter calibrations on high-pressure natural gas, complete flow metering skid fabrication, densitometer integration, custom protective coatings and customized electronics enclosures to meet local requirements.

When you need flow meters for your power generation facility, think Hoffer Flow Controls first! We have the products, experience and know-how to provide you with the best solutions to your most
challenging applications.


  • Liquid Applications

    We provide best solutions that will meet the extreme conditions
    associated with your subsea and oil and gas applications.

    We provide best solutions that will meet the extreme conditions associated with your subsea and oil and gas applications.

  • Gas Applications

    We offer complete flow measurement packages for the offshore drilling, production and well-servicing environments.

    We offer complete flow measurement packages for the offshore drilling, production and well-servicing environments.



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